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Little Flower Candle Gift Set- Multi-scent

  • $65.00

One of our favorite gifts! Fill every room with essence of freshly-picked flowers, bright, zesty citrus and leafy, crisp herbs, refreshing and alive with this collection of six generously scented candles. A blend of pure essential oils and natural candle wax for a slow, intensely fragrant and clean burn. Place one in every room to transform a space and create a moment. Perfect for travel and gift giving with a range of scents to experience the abundance of nature.

Set includes one each in 1.5 oz. size: Italian Blood Orange, French Lavender, Icelandic Moonflower, Indian Jasmine, Moroccan Rose and Ocean.

Packaged individually in travel-sized boxes with light-my-flower matches. Encased in slide out decorative display box with 77% post consumer recycled paper. Printed at a 100% wind-powered plant. Offers 15 hours of pure burn time.


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Little Flower Candle Gift Set- Multi-scent
SHT-602-RF $65.00  
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